Saturday, July 31, 2010

SOCIT Orientation Day

SOCIT Orientation Day taken place on the 27 May 2010 at INTI LR519 and 6th Floor. SOCIT Orientation Day started from 4.00pm to 10.00pm. The purpose of SOCIT Orientation Day is to welcome all student from semester 1 (January, March and May) intake and to introduce all SOCIT E-Learners Commitee's.The sessions started with introduction about Information Technology and then semester 7 student show to the new student his final year project. Then we play some game and finally we enjoy BBQ at Level 6 and took picture.


IT Night taken place on March 2010 at Mizi Bistro. This restaurant is located within Penang New World Park, George Town. All invited guests gathered at 7pm and finished at 10.30pm.
The purpose of IT Night is to make a good relationship between senior and junior student of Diploma in Information Technology. IT Night is managed by the former of SOCIT E-Learner President, Mr. Lim Kong Yeow (Gary) and his Comittee. While waiting for the special guest, Principal of INTI International College Penang to come, all of us chatting and enjoy eating. At the end of IT Night, all of us took the picture with our Principal, Lecturer , senior and junior.